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CK Dance Theatre

Bringing joy to the Lord, one dance at a time...

About Us

Our Mission at 

CK Dance Theatre's commitment to excellence and Christian principles will inspire a true appreciation and heart for dance and tumble in its students. By promoting creative expression through a diverse array of dance forms, CK Dance Theatre offers quality dance and tumble instruction by an exceptional staff in a safe, non-competitive and nurturing yet structured environment. We believe we are called to use the gifts that God has blessed us with to be a blessing to others.  

CK Dance Theatre is unlike any dance studio in its area simply offering dance and tumble instruction and an appreciation for the art of dance; it is also one that is Christ-Centered and instills a standard of excellence in all its students. 

What are others saying about CK Dance Theatre?

Cannot say enough about CK dance! The staff is simply wonderful! My daughters will continue to take classes here for many years to come!!!!  -Karina

We love CK dance. Each year is better and the fact it is Christ centered puts them the best. -Chrystal

Excellent dance instruction with the whole dancer in mind! Love the character cards! Thank you for making my dancer's transition a smooth one! I love seeing the support of each other within the class! Priceless!  

I was overall tremendously impressed with the preparation and implementation of the dance show. The costumes were beautiful, the performances were entertaining, the music was fun, the staff was friendly...everyone I was with raved about what a great time they had. I researched a lot of dance studios in deciding where to take my little girl. I am so thankful I chose CK Dance Theatre, and look forward to many shows to come! -Ashley

We love Mrs. Cristina!! She is great with the kids and my daughter is learning and loving dancing!! -Christie

CK Dance Theatre is the whole package! Thank you for all you do for our children and the community!  -Stacy

I already have recommended CK Dance to a number of friends, most of whom have followed through! :-) I LOVED the concert! My parents did as well. I had convinced them to fly up from FL for it, and they were somewhat reluctant, but ended up being so impressed.  -Kim

What do Students think of our classes at CK?

I love them so much. They make me feel like family. ♥ - Emily

I love dance at CK because it lets me express myself. -Bethany

I love dance at CK because it is a wonderful environment to share ideas and have fun. I identify the studio as a second home. There is no other please I'd rather dance. - John David

I love dancing at CK because we have so much fun and they're like a real big family. -Steile

I love dancing because I can take my emotions and put them into movement instead of saying it out loud. 

Dance is my passion and CK is a place where I can be free! -Ayanna

Dance means a lot to me. It's my life and I will never miss a chance to dance. I love you CK! -Isabel

Tuesday adult hip hop class at CK makes me happy. -Amy

I love tumble because I love to do backbends so much! Mrs. Cristina and Ms. Beth are the best teachers ever

I love dance at CK because it's a Christian Dance studio. -Ella

I love my dance teachers and my friends. -Kyleigh

I love singing the Frozen song. -Elly

I love the teachers and Ms. Cristina's husband! I love how she trains us! -Sarah

I love dancing and Mrs. Cristina and I love to play with my dance friends. -Amberlyn

I love jazz, tap, and ballet. Mrs. Cristina is very very nice! -Baylee
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