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CK Dance Theatre

Bringing joy to the Lord, one dance at a time...

Dress Code & Policies


All dance & tumble apparel can be ordered online through CK Dance Theatre's online store.
To view classroom requirements click below. 




  • All monthly payments must be paid by the 7th of each month by cash or credit card only. No checks will be taken. Auto-pay can be set up on your account via the CK Dance Theatre parent portal.
  • Statements are only sent out to past due accounts.
  • There is a $35.00 fee charged on all insufficient funds.
  • A late fee of $20.00 will be charged if not paid by the 7th of the month.
  • Students with accounts that are one month past due or more will not be allowed to continue their class(es) in-person nor online until their account is paid in full.

Fall/Spring Performances

  • All classes with the exception of our homeschooler classes will perform in an end of the year show. Exact date/time will be given at a later time as well as mandatory rehearsals.
  • All dancers will be required to purchase costumes as they give the performance a more professional look as well as fun and excitement for the dancer. A costume for each style of dance will be required to perform in our show. Approximate cost for costumes range for each dance class and size of child. They can range from $50 - $85 each. A non-refundable costume deposit is due in October and a non-refundable final payment for costumes will be due in December.
  • A non-refundable performance fee will be due in December. The performance fees help cover the cost of putting on a show (Ex. Stage rental, programs, lighting designer, etc...) Each family will receive 2 tickets to their child's show, a recital shirt, as well as an end of the year award included in their performance fee. 
  • Tumble classes will perform in an informal end of the year Show Day. They will be required to purchase a performance t-shirt and black shorts (approx. $20 each)


  • Month Newsletters, Updates, announcement, etc... will be sent through email and the band app. You must keep a current email on file to ensure you get our notes. This will also be the main way to get in touch with our studio.

Dress Code

  • All students are required to follow our dress code. This is to keep your child safe by wearing the appropriate attire. Please see our website above for specifics for each class.


  • All children do better in class without outside distractions. Please refrain from entering the dance room to observe your child until Parent Observation day is scheduled. CK provides live streaming links to watch your student in class. You must provide your own device and wifi to watch.   

Program Continuance Policy

  • In the event classes are unable to physically meet at CK Dance Theatre's physical location for ANY reason (i.e. closure due to governmental mandate, severe weather, instructor being sick, etc.), classes will temporarily move to online meetings via Zoom or other specified video conferencing platform.  No make-up, discount, nor refund will be given as long as the class meets at the originally specified time. 
  • Class cancellations, reschedules, and/or online access instructions will be posted on our website as well as our facebook page. We will also send out emails to all the classes affected. We will not call each student/family individually. You are more than welcome to call the office for immediate answers. 

Attendance /Withdrawal from class

  • CK does not require a contract to sign up for classes. 
  • If your child must miss a class due to sickness, please let the office know by email at info@ckdancetheatre.com.   
  • No make-up days or refunds will be given for missed classes as all classes can be taken from home via online.
  • If you decide to withdraw your child from a class, you must contact the CK Office by email at info@ckdancetheatre.com by the last day of the previous month. All withdrawal emails received by the end of the previous month will have their class tuition waived for that current month. All withdrawal emails received after the last day of the previous month will still be charged a full month of tuition.