*Beside the Murphy's Gas
 Station at the corner of 
Goodman & Davidson

CK Dance Theatre

Bringing joy to the Lord, one dance at a time...

Dance Recital Information

Dance Recital Information 

  • Location: Hernando Performing Arts Center
    • 805 Dilworth Ln, Hernando, MS 

Other important info for the show:
  • Every performer will be required to bring all your shoes, dance award, and costume pieces in a laundry basket labeled with your name.
  • All dancers will come dressed in your 1st costume that you will be performing in. Program order coming soon to see which dance comes 1st! 
  • Costume info sheets: Click here to see specific costume details
  • If your dancer takes multiple classes and must fully disrobe backstage, a skin toned leotard is required to be worn. No one will be allowed to fully disrobe backstage. 
  • Tickets are required to enter. Tickets will go on sale in May 16th. You will receive an email. 

**Everyone will come to dance at a different time these 2 weeks**