*Beside the Murphy's Gas
 Station at the corner of 
Goodman & Davidson

CK Dance Theatre

Bringing joy to the Lord, one dance at a time...

We are so excited you decided to audition for team!! 

Below you will find your audition video and practice music: Please follow the steps for a successful audition!

1. Click on the button and download your video and music files. If you try to play your videos or files directly from the website you might run into error messages. 

2. Find your files on your device and play them from there.  (computer, phone, tablet, etc...)

3. Learn your dance with the video first. Play just a few seconds of the video, learn and practice. Pause and start the video over until you get that section of choreography before moving onto the next section. 

4. Once you can do the entire dance with the video, the next step is to practice with just the music to ensure you have an excellent audition. 

See you all next week- June 8th! 

Don't forget to come dressed for success....

    • Girls: Black leotard and black spandex shorts

    • Boys: Fitted black shirt and black gym shorts

  • Wear appropriate shoes for your audition dance. 

    • If your shoes are too little or you do not have shoes, you may go in socks or barefoot, just remember not having shoes might hinder your performance.

  • Hair must be in a high bun.  

Entering Kindergarten - 3rd grade

For Petites, Juniors, & Teens, we offer 2 different styles that each dancer can audition for.
We suggest auditioning for BOTH styles to enhance your chance to make our competitive team but it is not required. 

Entering 4th grade - 6th grade

Entering 7th grade - 12th grade